About Us

Sugarhouse Pilates is located in Salt Lake City at 1592 South 1100 East.  We are conveniently located near downtown Salt Lake as well as the neighborhoods of Harvard/Yale, 9th and 9th, Highland Park, and the Avenues.  Holly Isaac and Piper Benjamin are the proprietors of Sugarhouse Pilates, each with years of expertise and training in Pilates mat work as well as apparatus instruction.  The studio is located inside the Sorelle Spa building in the heart of Sugarhouse.
We teach small group classes or private lessons during scheduled class times or by appointment.  We boast a beautiful, clean and cozy space, ensuring that you receive individual attention and a personalized workout.
Holly Isaac and Piper Benjamin
Our studio houses top-of-the line Balanced Body equipment – three solid maple Studio Reformers, Wunda Chair, Ladder Barrel, and a wall-mounted springboard.  Holly and Piper incorporate various props during class to help maximize your workout, including jumpboards, weighted bars, magic circles, bands, and balls.
Our philosophy is simple: we want to give you a great workout by having fun and challenging you personally.
We want to get you moving and won’t slow you down with endless instruction.  We will, however, always make sure you are performing exercises safely and with proper form.  You will meet great people in your classes at Sugarhouse Pilates.  We keep our classes small on purpose, because we feel it fosters quality learning and a more comfortable workout.
Unlike other gyms or studios you’ve tried, you won’t be sorry for trying a class at Sugarhouse Pilates.  You will be challenged – you will have fun – you will want to come back!